Wednesday, May 13, 2015

telling him.

i know that we're a lot closer to mother's day than father's day 
(what i was originally saving this clip for), but i just couldn't help myself.

every so often when gid has a bum day, or if he's nervous/stressed about work or life, i sit him down and give him a pep talk where i insist he repeat everything i say to him. i mostly do it to make him laugh and feel better about himself, because he's the best ever, and the thought of him not believing that for a second is unacceptable.

as you can imagine, this pep talk had a bonus surprise in it.
enjoy sweet friends.

i love how when i have him say "someday i'm gonna be the best dad" the first and second time, he really has no idea what's coming. i'd always make him say that in my pep talks, even when we weren't trying to get pregnant. 


can you believe this sweet face?
i'm so in love.


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