Thursday, June 4, 2015

37 weeks.

this is it: june.
the month teddy is due.
he's full term.
i'm in denial, guys.

did i mention we're moving into a bigger apartment two weeks before my due date?
did i mention i really want to get my hair cut and get a pedicure this week?
did i mention my mamma is coming and i'm just so so happy about it?

teddy loves it when I eat snow cones.
sweet little sugar baby.

i had an appointment yesterday and my doctor told me if i want to be induced at 39 weeks she can arrange it. it freaked me out a little. i'm anticipating that i'll carry late like most first time mammas, (which also scares me), but i've also heard that inducing raises the likelihood of a longer labor and possibility of a c section. this stuff is crazy. how do you choose?

the other day a lady came into the store expecting twins and we had the same due date and were practically the same size. i really tried hard not to compare, but i had a thin smile on for about an hour after she left.

he's either in my lungs or on my bladder, so i'm always either gasping or limping to the bathroom. a lot of the time it's uncomfortable. he has hiccups all the time, sometimes twice in a day (that i notice). also heartburn is the worst.

i love ice cream and milkshakes more than i ever have in my life. also i love netflix. i don't feel guilty about it- i feel like my love affair with television won't last much longer...

i've been crazy emotional lately. lots of big, fat tears over things like missing battery chargers, or running out of toilet paper mid bathroom break. ("what did i ever do to deserve this??")

this cute girl at my work wore the most darling dress the other day and i loved it so much that i immediately went to the store to buy it. (HAHAHAHAHAHA.) 

so i'm thinking people aren't kidding when they say nothing will ever fit the same again. even the thought of the dress without my belly couldn't convince me to buy it.

instead, i bought some maxi dresses with elastic waistbands (like the one pictured above) that aren't technically maternity, but they feel great. it makes me so happy to buy clothes that i can wear after he comes.

i didn't know my thighs were capable of this much cellulite. isn't it funny how you don't appreciate the great things you have till they're gone? my pre pregnancy thighs were the bomb. i gotta love myself more in the present.

in our birth class tonight we're doing a hospital tour. can you believe it?

here's to you, week 38!

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