Thursday, August 13, 2015

5 things that made this week not suck too bad...

1- jack johnson.

teddy was on a screaming marathon, which isn't normal, and just as i was about to fling myself over the balcony, i turned on a jack johnson song. teddy immediately started smiling and cooing and then fell sweetly asleep. my baby loves jack johnson. is there anything better in the world than that? i'm taking him to hawaii someday.

2- internet break.

without meaning to, i avoided facebook, blogs, hulu and the internet in general for a couple days. i just listened to music. that was nice. i should do that more. the internet brings me down sometimes. (except this page of a snarky guy pretending to be a target worker responding to angry customers.
that made me laugh really hard.)

3- success.

teddy breastfed for 3 HOURS STRAIGHT (with little breaks for burps and catnaps of course). normally i wouldn't be excited about this, but since we've had such a hard time getting it down (i consider one 10 minute feeding in a day a raving success), i just hung out with him. it was so great. i know it might've been a fluke, and my nipples feel like they are probably definitely going to fall off, but whatever. it was a success.

4- a silly poster.

after my internet break, i came back to facebook to find a poster from my grad department with a picture of me on it. i gasped. i actually gasped. i'm so silly. i know it's dumb and won't last long, but it made me feel like even if i look like a swamp witch these days, somewhere out there, someone thought i was graceful enough to represent a fabulous modern dance department.
that means a lot this week.

5-you guys.

responding to my last post on having a c section- i had soo many sweet friends comment on facebook,  send me emails, write on this blog, text me, call me, and everything in between. it made a difference, you guys. people who i haven't spoken to in over 10 years wrote me. i can't tell you how much it meant. i didn't even know most of the friends who responded read this blog. i just felt heard, and that was big. thanks.

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