Sunday, August 30, 2015

instagram confuses me, and other stuff going on...

i never thought i'd say this, but i'm going to: i miss salt lake. i miss working. i miss our old neighborhood. i miss the my favorite local restaurants and boutiques. i miss familiarity.
man, i couldn't wait to get out of that place, and now i just miss it.

my car was in the shop for a few days and with how smokey it's been outside lately, teddy and i just stayed indoors for like four days straight. it was rough for both of us.

this image is blurry and overexposed, but LOOK AT THOSE LIPS!
he doesn't want to sleep for more than 30 minutes lately. then, around 7 pm he takes a 4 or 5 hour nap, waking up right when i start to get drowsy. and he is crazy ravenous all the time. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

i prepared a real meal for the first time since about month two of my pregnancy. (read: threw 4 ingredients in the crock pot and passed out from exhaustion) it was less fulfilling than i hoped it would be.

teddy is getting chubbier.
and he has the sweetest little sweaty head.
and he's on his way to full on laughing.
sometimes he looks like a little old man.
it melts me even on the hardest days.

i just started using instagram, and i'm hella confused. is it okay to tag in comments with the MILLION amazing giveaways or do people hate that? how do you regram? how do people manage to find time to take such cool pictures all the time? is everyone a photographer now? WHAT IS HAPPENING? if you feel sorry enough for me, please answer these very real questions that i have. i'm not kidding.

i exercised on saturday. gid and i went to the gym in our apartment complex (with teddy in his carseat sleeping) and i power walked for a mile (it felt like 5), biked for 5 miles (that felt like 20), and lifted laughably small amounts of weight. sigh. i'm never going to be one of those really thin girls, am i?

i still need to unpack you guys. it makes me sad. the other day i got bummed about how hard this transition has been and i caught myself wiping a tear with a used burp cloth.

i sleep on my tummy now. i never slept on my tummy until the option was taken away from me with pregnancy. now sleeping on my tummy is the best thing in the world.

it's sunday, which means tomorrow is monday,
which means i lose gideon again. just me and teddy.
sigh. i'm going to go find that burp cloth.
here we go, week.


  1. haha I love you. I do not think your blog is lame.
    tagging people for giveaways: I have a couple friends with whom we have a mutual understanding that if they tag me on some giveaway, I can tag them. Just dont do it excessively, and evaluate if it's worth it ;9
    I believe there is a "regram" app, but you can also use screenshot if you just credit who you got it from. Personally I don't like to regram.
    About the amazing pictures, I really don't know how so many people take such great ones. I swear everyone and their dog now dabbles in "Photography". There are some great apps out there to edit, such as VSCOCam, Snapseed, Facetune.
    xo/Krista widdison

  2. !!!! krista, thank you for answering my questions! i had a lot of people that were like "you're so funny, haha" and i was like "don't tell me i'm funny- ANSWER MY VERY REAL QUESTIONS!" so thanks. :)


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