Friday, August 21, 2015

weekend wishlist

i'm dying to shop these days. not for me, (i'm scared to try on clothes) but for teddy and future babies. is that nuts of me? there's so much cute girl stuff out right now, and i keep thinking to myself that i should buy it in case we have a little lady years from now when everything i like is gone. i know, of course, that if i do buy these things, i'm sealing my fate of only ever having boys.

here are the things i'm drooling over this week, friends:

nuna leaf toy bar. we have the seat and we're loving it- just trying to decide if we need this little accessory.

how about these chew necklaces?! cutest i've seen.

burts bees baby outfits. before teddy came i bought several at TJMAX for super cheap and have loved them, so now i check their website for deals.

this "i hate running" shirt is the only thing i'd be willing to go for a jog in these days. i think i need it.

swaddles, burp cloths, & blankets for a little lady. can you stand it? now i'm thinking about baby girl names. (isla, isabelle, vivienne, lola, clara, i could go on...)

important question: is it overkill to have two diaper bags? cause i love this one, but i was already gifted a gorgeous one that i love. (stroller clips: unnecessary, right?!)

remember how we moved and i lost the battery charger to my camera and now i feel like i can't have a nice long photoshoot of teddy without my camera dying? lame. i'm going to find it as soon as i order a new one, mark my words.

this baby bear shirt is to die for, right?! they have a matching mama bear one. oh my heart.

if anyone wants to send me a million dollars to fund me being a mama with expensive taste, that'd be great. kthanksbye.

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