Sunday, September 6, 2015

2 months.

...can we talk about how teddy was the size of this bear
when he came home from the hospital?!
teddy is getting so tall. i never thought i'd have a tall baby.

he's been crying more than usual lately. we just passed two months- i think that's a growth spurt or something like that, right? he's also showing signs of teething (sobbing emoticon). i hate not being able to just give him pain meds, which is funny, because i never took meds until i had him. now i see how awesome they are, and i want to spread the happiness.

speaking of medication, my incision still aches sometimes, and i take tylenol for it every now and then. i really thought i'd be done by now. i can't touch the scar, it's still so sensitive. was that the case for the rest of you c section mamas? i wish i would've taken it easier when it really counted.

i get how people get addicted to pain medicine. i used to think that was so strange and silly (strilly?) now i get it. if i could buy percocet over the counter, i'd do it in a heartbeat, so i could do things like exercise or take a dance class without getting anxiety. i did that jillian michaels 30 day shred for a week and had to take a break because it was too much. it's a pretty basic workout, and i was already modifying so that was a little discouraging. i just want to fit in my cute clothes again.

the other day teddy had a blowout while i happened to just be wearing an oversized t shirt (no pants), and when he spilled out of a his diaper, i seriously thought for a moment that i was crapping myself. so warm, that poo. there was another time that we were both napping and he legit woke us both up by filling his diaper. i used to be so proud of him for bowel movements. now i'm like, "i get it, you're really good at this..."

he smiles and coos while i change his diaper after a blow out. that's considerate of him at least.

we went to the balloon festival (the evening one). i don't know why i suggested that. it was fun (for the first bit), but i started getting worried about teddy with it getting colder and the crowds and smoke made me uneasy. next time he'll be older, and maybe we could do one of the morning ones instead. gid snapped a nice picture on our way out. when we look back years from now, maybe we'll remember it as being more enchanting than stressful.

i have such incredible friends. checking up on me via email, text, or phone call. sending packages. visiting and chatting. dropping off "anonymous" care packages at my door (i know that was you courtney- it had your thoughtful consideration written all over it). i've been sort of second guessing myself as to whether moving back to boise was the right choice, but then i look at what kind of people i have here (friendships that have continued just as strong even with my four year absence), and i feel like our life is pretty great. i do miss salt lake shopping. thank goodness for the internet.

anyway, that's all for now.

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