Tuesday, September 22, 2015

teddy's nursery.

hi. i'm too tired to exercise, and teddy is napping, 
so i'm going to upload pictures of his nursery
we've lived here over a month, but we're still in the unpacking stage. blegh.
we actually have a second living space upstairs (with two big closets and a sink), but when we saw how much space our bedroom had, we decided to share the room with teddy rather than give him the loft. i'm so glad we did. i love having him as a roommate. 
there's still a lot i'd like to do with this space (like find a way to store his ever growing library of books), but this is how it looks for now. 
isn't this little blanket the sweetest?
i fell in love instantly when i saw it.

i don't want to sound too crazy, but these black out curtains are the best thing in the world. 
cute too, right?!

i know i have some pink stuff here and there. it's okay. he'll be fine. i buy girly things constantly just in case by the time (if ever) we have a girl the stuff i like is gone.

i had no idea that i bought so many piratey things. isn't that crazy? it's a little pirate shelf!

how do you guys store books? i have a closet full of them. next project.

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