Monday, September 21, 2015

things annoying me today.

1. the fact that i cannot stay on top of laundry. endless loads. when did that become a thing?
am i seriously writing about laundry right now?? who am i????

2.  my relationship with breastfeeding and pumping. i'm perpetually either frustrated because i need to pump so often, or horrified that my supply is out. (pick a side, alyssa!)

3. when i feel like i'm being patronized. if you've experienced being a mother that's great and amazing, but it doesn't mean you now hold all keys to every one else's experiences. i welcome a little advice here and there, but don't tell me what it's like to recover from a c section if you haven't had one, k? especially if you're a man. i'll cut you.

4. how clingy teddy is today. he wails if i put him down (just for a second to grab a diaper to change him), and then is happy panting with tears in his eyes when he sees me two seconds later.
ok, now that i'm thinking about this, it's actually really sweet, adorable and not annoying at all....

5. my best friend (canadian) moved back to the u.s. (yay!!) but now she lives even farther away from me. it's like one step forward and two steps back. i just want us to be next door neighbors, is that too much to ask? is it??!!!

6. also it's monday. which means i've lost gid for the week. does anyone else spend time trying to think of ways to make millions of dollars from home? i'm like, "skills, skills, what skills do i have?" and then i get distracted with spit up, laundry (angry fist shake) and the fact that i've eaten nothing but popcorn and powerade for 48 hours. and then four minutes later i'm all "lets online shop!!!" and then i remember that i'm brainstorming ways to make money, not spend it. then i make myself some popcorn. i'm hopeless, guys.

7. when a load is finished, our washer sings a song, and our dryer makes a loud obnoxious buzz. whoever designed them never had a baby. i've tried getting ahead of them, but it's no use. i equal parts love our washer and dryer and want to bash them both in with a hammer all the time. I'M WRITING ABOUT LAUNDRY AGAIN. my life. (sigh) this is my life now.

8. i miss my family so much. i've never been so homesick in my life. maybe moving to texas wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...

okay, i guess i'm glad i got that out. i need to write a post about all the great things going on this week to counterbalance this one. sorry universe.

lets do this, monday.

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