Friday, October 30, 2015

estella-nyc i love you

GUYS. our friends over at estella-nyc sent teddy this sweet little taxi rattle that has been on my wishlist for months! i'm dying!! i thought it was darling on the website, but i love it even more in person.

even better: so does teddy!

i buy cute stuff for him a lot that he's not very impressed with (i should give him a break since he's just a little guy, but sometimes i'm like, "buddy, mama spent eight dollars on this toy, so you will love it." he's working on holding things for more than a split second, and the wheels on this taxi are perfect for his little fingers. soo cute, right?! i'm obsessed.

estella-nyc is an eclectic, high end, designer baby boutique in new york's village, and they partner with a small community of knitters in peru to make their organic cotton rattles, security blankets and kids d├ęcor items. so cool, right? not only do they support these talented artists (which already- i'm like count me in and take my money), they are also all about fair trade, fair wage, and creating a high quality, beautiful hand made product at a price point that is reasonable for you and me, while still compensating the artists fairly. which is so cool. did i mention they just got in some new christmas rattles?

you guys! are you in love yet? i'm nuts about them.

one more thing. teddy's crib is featured on their product webpage!

so check 'em out, friends. i know you'll be as crazy about them as i am. xo

this post brought to you by estella. 

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