Thursday, October 15, 2015

quick texas visit.

i've been crazy homesick, and teddy hasn't had a chance to
breathe texas air yet, so we decided to make a quick visit.

so fun, guys.
is it me, or is lubbock getting nicer? i'm so confused.

anyway, we checked out this pumpkin patch and had a sweet time.

the babies are getting bigger, and it breaks my heart. part of me feels like becoming a mama makes me less attentive (and consequentially less fun) of an aunt. it's okay, it's just kinda true. 

i wish i had more energy, or that i could duplicate myself- one of me just for playing, one just for picture taking, one of me just for changing diapers...etc
i held teddy in this awesome wrap the whole time we were there, and was able to get some pictures and video taken. everything is more complicated with a little guy. i wonder how many more family videos i've got left in me with a baby to pay attention to.

anyway, i managed to throw this little video together to remember our trip. i'm hoping i'll look back on it and remember how fun it was, watching the little ones run around, and smelling the sweet fall air.

it's teddy's first debut in a family video! many many more to come.
enjoy friends. xo

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