Friday, October 23, 2015

weekend wishlist

summer is long gone, i know- but for some reason i've been craving bright colors lately. i think its because fall seems to be slipping through my fingers way too fast, and i'm trying to turn back time. whatever the reason, here are some things that i'm wishing for this week, friends:

airplane bouncer?!
(i check this every week to make sure it's still there, but i can't commit to buying it yet.)

(unfortunately this one is out of stock, but their new line is coming out november 2nd!)

(i don't know what's so charming about it, but i'm in love.)

(is the pink too much? maybe. but its on sale!)

colorful bear hat
(comes with matching mittens!)

(i know its obnoxious to post christmasy things 
before halloween has even passed, but i couldn't help myself.)

(what do you think, friends? cute or nah? i can't decide.)

(because i'll always be a sucker for chartreuse.)

have a happy weekend, friends.

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