Thursday, November 12, 2015

breast milk heals most things, and other stuff going on.

you guys. breast milk.

teddy scratched himself on the cheek. (enough to draw blood!) and the internet told me to put breast milk on it. the cut healed overnight. a few weeks later he scratched his eye, and i tried the same thing. healed. i use it when he has the rare baby pimple pop up. it works every time. this stuff that my body makes is incredible. so basically, i am incredible.

he grabs his toes. he's even starting to use his abs (can babies have "abs"? should i say tummy??) to sit up. when he does, he gets this self important grin on his face and it makes my heart melt. what a little stud.

he's decided he'd rather not sleep through the night after all. (at least he gave it a try for a few days, right?) his prime time for flirting and cooing is around 3:30 am. this little boy is so sweet, but he's driving me crazy.

gid and i had a date for the first time since the delivery and went to a drive-in less than five minutes from our house because we're crazy parents who can't be too far from our baby. you guys, don't eat junk food if your body isn't used to it. trust me. woof.

if someone would've told me a year ago that last season's diapers would get me excited, i would have groaned and rolled my eyes. whatever. they're cute. and on sale.

(honest co. also just released five new prints for the current winter season. also cute.
we just ordered a bundle. teddy's bum is seasonal for the next 200 diapers at least, y'all...)

most days my incision is numb. (that's normal, right c section mamas?) but every now and then i'll get sharp, intense pains that last a few seconds. isn't it crazy that four months ago, a surgeon cut me open, moved around all my organs, pulled a person out, and sewed me back up? and i'm still alive?! science, man!

i'm not sure i'll ever feel strong enough (or brave enough) to do a real jumping jack again.

teddy and i are getting better with outings. the other day i took him to the mall and target in the same trip. he smiled at sales people and had the most unbelievable blowout in jcrew while i was in the dressing room. i can't decide if his explosion means that he hates shopping and was dying to get home, or if he really wanted to have his diaper changed there because he has expensive taste.

6:30pm feels like midnight. i hate these short days.

i'm thinking of doing a giveaway on my blog. do people still do that? is that a thing still? i feel like social media blew up into a completely new thing while i was in graduate school, and now i don't understand it. i wish i was more of a hipster. maybe i should get gid a man bun for christmas. (omg. i think i will...)

i thought i'd fit into all of my old clothes by now. (wrong again, alyssa.) but i'm stubborn and refusing to buy more clothes, because i feel like that's giving in to the enemy. i don't know who the enemy is, but i'll never surrender.

unless surrendering is wearing leggings a lot. in that case, i surrendered a long time ago.

we took christmas card pictures yesterday on top of a mountain in snow covered trees. (stay tuned!) i know it sounds silly, but taking real family pictures for the first time felt like a big deal.

man, this post was all over the place.
if you made it this far, you're a trooper.

ps- but seriously, are giveaways still a thing?


  1. They're totally still a thing! They always will be too, because people will never not want free stuff. And, I've been there. You're doing fine. It's normal to be cautious about everything. I'm glad you went out on a date! Now that you know you can do it, aim for a weekly thing. And, I can't stress enough the importance of family dates. James would get ridiculously happy any time he got to spend time with the both of us. But, they shouldn't replace your romantic dates.


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