Monday, November 23, 2015

winter photoshoot, or "poor teddy"

guys, we were lucky enough to grab some family christmas photos 
by the incredible kylie fly turley last week which was a BLAST FROM THE PAST;

she and her cute triplet sisters were my neighbors in college,
and she did this photoshoot of gid and i in hawaii when we were newlyweds six years ago.

six years!! 
time, man. it flies.

anyway she did great work, especially considering this was poor teddy's first experience with snow.
(who'd have thought we'd get such a lovely backdrop just by driving up the mountain a few minutes?!)

enjoy, friends. and tell me which one to use for our cards. 
i'm still trying to decide.
i call this one "poor teddy", lol.

thanks again for the pics, ky!

 gid's top
my topnecklace & boots
teddy's top & boots

(everything linked is on SALE! you're welcome.)


  1. The seventh one, the 12th one, or the second to last one :)

    -love from Julianna Gardner/Pierson.

  2. Number 7, 12, or the second to last one!

  3. i love them all!!!!! but i think 1, 3,5, and 7 are my favs! you guys are beautiful!!! and i want a christmas card.


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