Wednesday, November 4, 2015


teddy gets restless when gid is getting ready for work in the morning, and then he's weepy for hours after gid leaves (staring at the door and everything). this little boy loves his dad.

if he's really upset, he'll refuse nursing or a bottle, and one of the only things that calms him is sitting by the window, rocking and humming. i think he likes the colors of the leaves. it makes me nervous that they're almost all gone.

something a friend said to me about motherhood has been sticking with me; how it can often appear (and feel) as though you haven't actually done anything for days despite feeling constantly busy and drained.

i feel like all i do is nurse, bottle feed, change diapers, and hopelessly encourage naps.

but teddy doesn't want to nap. he wants to play, or have staring contests. or be held. or eat.

i think i'm okay with that though.
being his mamma is exhausting, but it has incredibly sweet moments.

  that's all.


  1. you're doing an incredible job. never forget how amazing you are! you're a beautiful mama, inside and out. i've seen the transition (with my sissy) and i know it's hard - but we can do hard things! and boy what a treat to snuggle with a tiny bubba and watch the leaves outside. cherish these moments :) love your example of motherhood



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