Sunday, November 22, 2015

weekend wishlist

i can't believe this week is THANKSGIVING. i've been thinking about how fast time goes. how teddy is growing so quickly and before i know it the sun will be back, and i'll be shaving my legs again (maybe, maybe not- amiright?). it hasn't really snowed up where we live, but my holiday instincts are kicking in already. who wants to throw an epic holiday party with me? i'm serious.

here's what i'm drooling over right now, guys. 

this sweet coat for mimi- because it's classy and sweet, just like her.
(i also love this adult sized one in gray)

my friend makes these in slc and i want them ALL.

this comfy dress for me (on sale!!)- because stripes.

this cute pom pom beanie- they also have this one in cream.

baby boy romper for teddy to bring out the swiss in him.

(a dear friend actually just gifted me, so i guess it's not on my wishlist anymore-i just had to share because it's awesome.)

these beads to match. :)

a little sparkle for that holiday party we're going to throw (yep- i'm talking about you.)

lipstick- because a red lip paired with a little sparkle? that's just nice.

happy saturday before thanksgiving friends,

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