Tuesday, December 22, 2015

christmas minus presents.

guys, christmas is in less than three days and i haven't bought any presents. christmas has never been this off my radar in my life. i'm not even sorry. i mean, on one hand, i feel like the worlds worst deadbeat wife and mother, and on the other hand, it's nice not bothering with gifts (giving or receiving).

i gave myself permission to put gifting on the back burner this year, since teddy has made life busier, and he's too little to recognize the effort it takes to plan, buy, wrap and unwrap presents.

 i have ideas of what i'm getting for gid, but not giving myself a deadline of the 25th has been THE BEST. i love it. i'm sure next christmas i'll be going nuts buying everything in the world for teddy, so i'm enjoying the hail out of this year's lowkeyness.

not worrying about presents lets me focus on hanging out with family, and that's so much better than running around town buying everything in sight, and stressing whether anyone will like what i got them.

there are a few exceptions- my family has a gift drawing, and i got my brother a gift card at REI (which i thought was so boring and lame). i apologetically gave him a heads up that i didn't do anything exciting, and he was so sweet and excited about the gift card.

have any of you given up gift giving for christmas? what are your substitutes and traditions? i can't decide if i love it forever, or if it's just a crazy year with our first baby and i'm loving it temporarily since it allows me to focus on my teddy instead of buying stuff.

and seriously, all i want is a silent night. teddy's sucky naps are killing me these days.
happy christmas week, guys.

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