Sunday, December 27, 2015

christmas photos.

happy christmas, friends! i hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed spending it with loved ones. i usually go crazy this time of year taking a million pictures (and video!) with my family, but keeping an eye on teddy made it a little harder to document as much as i usually do.

i'm a little devastated that i wasn't able to put together a family video this year like this one, this one, and this one, but i'm gradually accepting that having a baby has made my priorities different.

next year i'll be more prepared. maybe.

anyway, here are a few pictures that i managed to snap while we were with family in texas this year.

we had a family nativity and teddy was the sweetest little angel, right?

 ollie and teddy. what hunky cousins, right?!

i'll upload more pictures when i'm not so sleepy. deal? :)

stay warm, friends!
(especially texas friends-- holy blizzard much?!)

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