Tuesday, December 8, 2015

christmasing our apartment (with a video!)

we finally got a tree over the weekend. teddy wasn't super impressed with the farm we went to, but i'm thrilled with what we picked. it's bushy and full and fits perfectly under our staircase. 

it's a harry potter tree.

this is our first christmas with teddy, and i didn't want to forget it (especially the little things) so i set the camera up and made a little video of us decorating our apartment. it's not too interesting now, but i think we'll look back on it and have sweet memories.

memories of how sweet teddy is right now (those eyes!). memories of how little i get ready these days and how many chins i have... memories of the awful stockings we bought at some cheap store six years ago (good suggestions of where to buy nice stockings welcome!), and all of the other decorations we got when we were newlyweds and haven't replaced.

memories of our little loft apartment. memories of our harry potter christmas tree.

i keep telling myself one of these years i'm going to go to pottery barn and buy everything seasonal, and then i remember that after i pay for christmas decorations, i still have to shop for christmas, and then when i look at our little things they seem cute again.

this time next week i'll be in an airplane heading to family. i can't wait.

happy december, guys.

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  1. Oh my goodness you are so cute. I love your little family!


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