Thursday, December 3, 2015

five months.

my hair is falling out. i thought i managed to escape that charming side affect of post pregnancy.
it. is. the weirdest. every time i look at teddy's hands, he's got a few loose strands in them.

he hardly sleeps at all you guys, i started him on this 1.5 hour training schedule and we were doing so great for a few days, and now he refuses to nap for more than 30 minutes during the day and is up on the hour at night. it was worse when i tried to just let him make his own schedule. sometimes gid brings him into bed with us, and he sleeps longer, but i worry about him getting used to it.

we're gonna need a bigger bed.
(see what i did there? instead of "boat," i put "bed"? yup. teddy is jaws in my reference.)

he weighs 18.5 pounds. is that heavy for a five month old? it feels heavy.

i feel like gid is getting more handsome, teddy is getting more cute, and i'm over here with relief society arms and baby blowout on me. i am DEF the least attractive in our family. i should adopt a weird looking cat or something.

chic-fil-a's peppermint milkshakes are back and i swear when i drink them my milk supply boosts.

however, i've gotten so lazy with pumping that it's a miracle i have any milk left. originally my goal was to not throw in the towel until 6 months, but to be honest, i never thought i'd get this far, and that's only a month away, so i think i'm going to make my goal 9 months. (then i'll probably change it to a year. can you imagine lasting a year?!)

meanwhile, my thighs have the same shape as teddy's and yet somehow are not as cute.

his latest thing is growling. he loves to just keep eye contact and exchange growls. he thinks it's the best. what a cool baby i have.

i ate something that made me a little sick over the weekend and it passed on to him. it's heartbreaking watching him work through gas and knowing that i'm the one that gave it to him. i'm really hoping once he gets through it, he'll be back on track with sleeping. pray for me guys.

he's becoming more generous with laughing. i love it so much.

and next month will be half a year? 
are you kidding? what a crazy world. 


  1. I'm trying to get to 6 months breastfeeding! It is so tough! Everyday I think, "This is it. This is the day I quit." But I tried getting Grant to eat solids and he's totally not ready yet. :(

    1. rachelle!! SO tough, right?! i'm so impressed you've stuck with it- are you doing it exclusively? well done well done well done. xo


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