Monday, December 14, 2015

inside the diaper bag.

all right, people. we're going on a trip soon, and i'm packing my diaper bag for the plane, and i need to know if i'm missing any essentials.

this is what i've got so far:

solly wrap- because they're the best and i keep one with me at all times.
diapers and wipes. obviously.

this pacifier that doesn't pop out of teddy's mouth.

hand sanitizer. (it's foam. which is just nice.)

an extra outfit. because blow outs.

teddy's fav bottle. i'll never use anything else.

nail clippers, because his nails grow impossibly fast and i can't bear it when he scratches his perfect little skin.

taxi rattle. teddy doesn't leave the house without it,

this banana toothbrush. for massaging those sweet tender gums.

burp cloths. because they're necessary.

sophie. a teether and a toy.

our fav swaddle. soft, sturdy, and the one he has the hardest time getting out of.


what am i missing you guys? advice?


  1. love this. we like to bring a pacifier clip with us to clip on her favorite toys and pacis. i'm not a germaphobe, but the airport floors are just gross.

    good luck!


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