Wednesday, December 2, 2015

teddy's favs.

teddy's night time routine has included reading since he was tiny, and i'm starting to see a preference and interest in some books over others. isn't that crazy? babies are so much smarter than i ever realized.

his favorite book right now is about a little calf going around the farm and playing with other animals and its darling, you guys. teddy loves this book so much, and it kills me- since, you know, his dad grew up on a ranch and loves cows the way most people like dogs. 

(have i ever mentioned that? how gideon thinks baby cows are so cute and i thought it was such a weird animal to love? like father like son...)

teddy is still little, but his attention span is outgrowing his baby books, 
and i'm in the market for some classics that will last as long as possible.

   recommendations, friends?

some of teddy's current book favs:

come along calf
if i were a hedgehog
if i were a puppy
little owls night
goodnight moon

  thanks so much for stopping by. xo


  1. Harold and the Purple Crayon is one of my top favs to read to William. Also Target has some children's card book books (and other cute items) based on Le Pitite Prince!!! (these are for little kiddies too but I thought of you instantly when I saw them in the baby section)

    1. !!!! i'm going to go look them up! thanks for thinking of me and commenting stephanie! xo


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