Friday, December 4, 2015

weekend wishlist

can you guys believe it's december? crazy. want to hear something even crazier? 
we still don't have a TREE. normally it's up no less than the day after thanksgiving. 
what can i say? babies change things. so.

goals for this weekend:
-get tree
-make hot cocoa. 
-with whipped cream.

here are the things i'm loving most this week, guys.

this cupcake shirt because YES.
(not the shirt we deserve, but the shirt we need. #batmanreference)

this little jacket that my friend and i found while we were shopping for her toddler.
i think i'll buy it for teddy to use in the next few years.

this quilted onesie to keep my bear warm during snowy walks. (sale!)

these boots because they're pretty. (and a staple, right?)

this cute doormat. because i love a friendly doormat.
(okay but anyyyyy of these would work.)

this couch or AM I NUTS? i know it's light and i have a kid, but i love.
(gid said i could buy it, but i gotta find a place for it first. 
anyone want a nice love seat and two cute chairs? seriously.)

this sweet monitor that alerts you if your baby stops breathing. because it. is. genius.
(more to come on this peace of mind game changer.)

...i still can't believe it's DECEMBER. wish us luck getting a good tree!

happy weekend, thanks for stopping by!

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