Saturday, December 12, 2015

weekend wishlist

can we talk about how christmas is less than two weeks away? when did that happen?!

these are a few things on my radar this week you guys. 

and gideon- if you're reading this- i promise i won't buy myself a vintage fiat over the holidays.
(after the holidays it's fair game though, k?)

a little wooden play gym for teddy, because he'd go crazy for this.

this jogging stroller base for my running hubby.
(okayyy okay, for me too.)

this cozy quilt for teddy becasue it's heavy enough to keep him warm, but light enough to not get him sweaty.

these bloomers because ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

this jcrew coat that i've been ogling for the past year.

and last but not least, this vintage fiat because it's the holidays and i'm daydreaming.
(and if anyone has an extra $20,000 they'd like to give me that'd be great. thanks in advance.)

texas! i'm comin' for you.

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