Thursday, December 31, 2015

weekend wishlist

christmas has come and gone, and even though i really have everything i could ever want, it doesn't hurt to add a little wish list, right? do these lists come across greedy and ungrateful? i hope not. they're fun for me to create.

here's what i've been peeking at this week, friends.

this cute little owl.

these chic leather mats that make clean up a breeze.

this cool calendar. great design much?

these matching mama and baby bird shirts.

this bedframe that makes me want to put white pillows all over it and go to sleep for a nice healthy 12 hours straight. ugh, can you imagine, friends?! even 8 uninterrupted hours sounds too good to be true. how long till your babies started sleeping through the night, ps?

i hope you all have a lovely weekend.
thanks so much for stopping by!

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