Monday, January 4, 2016

6 months.

these days he doesn't breastfeed often, but when he does he's a little piranha baby. it's so painful, and i'm pretty sure he thinks its funny. sigh. i can't stay mad at him.

his naps are shorter, and his bottles are fuller. there's no way my milk production could keep up with his appetite at this point. we started him on baby food. the way he's working the spoon, i should've started him at four months.

his favorite thing lately is blowing bubbles. and his dad. always his dad. i love how much he adores gid.

he's officially out of the sizes from the "baby boy" section at gap. it bums me out. i'm buying 12 month and older.

he's a champion at rolling from his tummy to his back, but i've only seen him roll from his back to his tummy a couple of times. stingy boy. i know i don't need to worry about it, but i see videos of my friends' 2 month old babies rolling all over the place and i sometimes catch myself being like, "uhhhh, hey teddy- here's a cool toy- can you roll for mamma?" (what am i even thinking- he's nice and quiet and stays put, alyssa- count your blessings and do stuff while you still can!)

he's super ticklish. i love it.

his poo poo is getting less cute, and more sticky. it's crazy how fast babies can change, right?

my arms and back are sore all the time. he's getting to be so heavy. i have a friend whose 9 month old weighs 15 pounds and i'm a little bit jealous that her baby is little for longer. the last time i checked teddy weighed 20 pounds and that was two months ago. his long little legs hang over the side of my waist when i hold him.

those eyes tho. that belly tho. i'm so in love with him.

he's started resting his head on my shoulder. it makes me melt.

happy six months, my little sweetheart.

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