Tuesday, January 5, 2016

a follow up post.

remember when i wrote this post in total stream of conscious and gave three really vague resolutions? me too. the lack of specifics bugged me. this post is a follow up meant to help me clarify goals, and keep me more accountable. 

i've added three specific strategies to each of my three umbrella goals. because i want to be realistic, i'm going to try these things for this month. one month! less than a month, because it's already the 5th! how hard could that be? in february i get to choose whether or not i think it's realistic to continue.

what do you think, friends? fair? or am i being too easy on myself? here are my clarifications:

this year i want to be more present

-limit screen time in the mornings and evenings. none before gid leaves for work, and none after 9:30pm. (is it just me, or does using the term "screen time" make me sound like i'm trying to parent myself? next thing you know i'll have a sticker chart for drinking enough water and pumping enough milk.)

-tryyyy to only use my cell phone for calling and texting, and avoid holding it and using it to keep busy. when i was in grad school, everyone on the campus shuttle had their phone out (including me). i catch myself walking around my apartment with it. sometimes while gid and i are talking i'm sneaking peeks at it. let's see if i can use the ipad for instagram posting, and leave texting and calling to my phone.

-speaking of using your phone for calling and texting- i'm going to try to keep in touch better with friends and especially family. aiming for 1 call a week to my mom and sister, and shooting a text every few weeks to my (harder to stay in touch with) brothers.

this year i want to remember

-take more photographs and video. don't be embarrassed whipping out your camera and keeping it with you. it's fine.

-make an effort to be consistent with blogging. this one is tricky, because i want to be more present too, right? aiming to find a balance between writing and being with my boys. tips and tricks?

-plan one outing every month. a trip to the zoo. a visit to a museum. this sounds so easy, and yet as i type, i'm rolling my eyes because i know it's going to be a crazy challenge. lately we've been really into staying at home, watching house hunters and ordering chic fil a. we can do better.

this year i want to really try

-research and find courses to help better my photography and videography skills. also look into well written memoirs. the more i read, the better i write. (suggestions always welcome.) 

-make an effort to fade out the chatter in the back of my head that says horrible things about the way that i look, the things that i do, and the person that i am. start a gratitude journal. i'm starting by writing one thing a day (maybe even just one word) because that sounds doable to me.

-make to do lists every day. small things. like planning a meal, sending a text to a friend, or organizing that cupboard that i can't reach and have no idea what's in it. easy things like that. but every day. to keep me moving.


what do you think guys? is this realistic? would you do it?
now i'm all pumped.

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  1. Alyssa you are amazing! I love to read your blog. It is very therapeutic for me. It let's me know how I am not alone in this world. It is amazing how we go through a lot of the same things! You are such an amazing example to me! I love your resolutions to be a better person. I feel like i have so many that I don't want to bore you with them. I will try to blog about them and send you a link. It might be a few days because sadly my blog won't work anymore and I need to start a new one. lol. It's almost been a year I think. That's one of the first things on my list! :) Thanks for being a wonderful Daughter of God! I miss you tons!


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