Monday, January 18, 2016

maybe we should move to ireland and other things....

i didn't realize what a sweet deal we had with our slc apartment. the cost to heat our loft is 1/3 of what our entire rent was in slc. it makes me feel sick. also- we just watched an episode of house hunters international and this couple found a gorgeous 4 bedroom house in the heart of the city for $700 per month in ireland. soooo maybe we should move to ireland. sigh.

teddy is scooting around the apartment. it's happening and i can't stop it. i'm so thrilled that he's growing up and then in the same instant i feel like little moments like this are slipping away faster than i can record them. motherhood is such a roller coaster. ("why aren't you rolling over? other babies your age are rolling, is everything okay?! no! i take it back, don't roll over, it's cool how you stay put. ...WHY ARE YOU CRAWLING?!")

a few nights ago i had a dream that i won the lottery and it made me daydream about how i would spend millions of dollars for the next two days. then i was like, "oh yeah, we're normal people with normal bank accounts. right. okay, i'm back." 

sigh. the person that i want to be does not care about money. but the person that i am right now would just be super excited to win a billion freakin dollars.

my brother in law got married the day before yesterday and it made me fall in love with gideon all over again, even though the day we got married was stressful, scary, and not at all the beautiful fairy tale my friends seem to describe. does anyone else want a do-over? (to the same person, of course..) i got married before pinterest and BHLDN. somedays i feel a little robbed, and get determined to throw an epic party for our 10 year anniversary.

instagram confuses me still. why do i keep getting followed by accounts that are obviously not real? (they have zero posts and follow thousands of people) what is that? i want to be good at it, but social media is so weird. it's a miracle i'm even on instagram. i had a twitter account for like 2 seconds and then was like NOPE. what is snapchat? i feel like my grandma.

it's monday which normally i don't like, but this monday gid is off work, so i'm really excited (even though he'll probably just take a nap all day). xo

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