Thursday, January 28, 2016

motherhood is:

motherhood is putting leggings on backwards accidentally in the morning and wearing them that way all day, not caring at all.
motherhood is finding tiny socks in your bed, your bag, and your furniture but never on your baby's foot.
motherhood is a little person poking your eyes out and you not poking his out to teach him a lesson.
motherhood is getting butterflies watching your husband play with your 7 month old.
motherhood is finally getting your baby down for a nap and then on the way to his crib stepping on a squeaky toy and him waking up again.
motherhood is a four inch scar along your abdomen being worth having a healthy baby even if it bums you out some days.
motherhood is being serious about murdering anyone who wakes up your baby in the middle of his nap. (i'm lookin' at you, random neighbor who dumps glass bottles into the dumpster at 2 in the morning...)
motherhood is eating popcorn and powerade and calling it lunch.
motherhood is getting freakishly good at picking things up with one foot.
motherhood is promising your baby he can have whatever he wants if he breastfeeds for 5 minutes.
motherhood is bringing your crying baby into bed with you at 4 in the morning, and letting him pat your face and twirl your hair because it's the only thing that will keep him quiet.
motherhood is looking at your baby and wondering if he's going to be okay.
motherhood is seeing a $50 toy that is supposed to help with sleep patterns and thinking "i'll take one in every color please."
motherhood is crying over spilt (breast)milk.
motherhood is thousands of kisses in a day.
motherhood is reading every parenting article (legit or not) with a compelling title.
motherhood is hair being yanked out or dripping in drool. or both. yes, usually both.
motherhood is changing a poopy diaper and crap getting all over you because your baby is experimenting with river dance techniques.

motherhood is never wanting another baby. ever.
and motherhood is wanting another baby. soon.


  1. HA to the power-aide and popcorn for lunch. MY LIFE. While my kids sit around eating quesadillas, orange slices, and honey topped yogurt. What the heck?

    1. woah, anna! your kitchen sounds like a healthy chic resort! i want to eat lunch with your kids!!

      ...i know. we gotta start treating ourselves.

    2. I also want to eat lunch with my kids. I don't even understand why I don't but no... okay it's because when they are sitting down to eat I'm like, Okay, I'm going to get this and this done while they sit and eat and I don't even have to feel guilty because they are not watching a show! And before I know it it's like, dinner time and I'm starving.

  2. Yes. All of the above. This may inspire a similar post in me...

  3. Haha! Yes, and you handle motherhood beautifully. :)

    1. remember how you're the only person from our family that reads my blog? i love you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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