Saturday, January 2, 2016

peace of mind with owlet.

being a mamma has always intimidated me. when teddy was a newborn i worried about him gaining enough weight. when we brought him home i worried about him being exposed to germs and getting sick before he got his vaccinations. i knew i'd be a little crazy, and as a first time mamma i'm allowed, right? what i didn't anticipate was the anxiety i'd get while teddy slept.

a lot of the time he snored (sweet, right?), but too often in the middle of the night, teddy would gasp loudly and then there would be silence. i didn't even consider being careful (having just had a c section); i threw off the covers, ran to his crib, and put my face inches from his until i was positive he was breathing. most of the time i woke him up. it kept happening, and even though i knew that he was almost definitely fine, i couldn't keep myself from getting up to be sure. sids is no joke, and it only takes one horrible incident to change your world forever.

owlet is a sock that tracks your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels with pulse oximetry. there are three different sizes for your growing sweetheart, and you can track it from your iphone/ipad. it also has a base station that is designed to notify you if the heart rate and oxygen fall outside of range (in addition to the app on your smart device).

guys, this was a game changer for me in the peace-of-mind department. i slept harder when teddy wore the sock at night, and could just glance at the base station on my nightstand to know his heart rate and oxygen were in range. during the day when he napped, i could check how he was doing from my phone instead of going into the room and possibly waking him up.

i was introduced to the owlet when teddy was around four months old, and even though i love it at this age, all i can think about is how especially nice it would have been to have this peace of mind when he was a newborn, and i was recovering from the delivery. i'm already excited about the extra sleep i'll get with our next baby because of it (c section or not).

i've had conversations with several mamma friends about needing a product like this, which is one of the reasons i leapt at the opportunity to write about it. when i was pregnant, i looked into getting a video monitor for teddy and then read all sorts of articles about creepy hackers who can gain access into the video device and observe babies (and mothers!) throughout the day. the thought of it made me sick. audio monitors only gave me information on the noise teddy was making, not on whether he was okay or not. owlet gives me the information i need without making me feel vulnerable or exposed.

it's a keeper, guys. i wouldn't write about it if it wasn't.

 a little peek into our lives using the smart sock:

and if you're interested, here's a follow up post i wrote 6 months after we began using owlet. i address some of the most common questions we've gotten about having the smart sock in our home. 

thanks so much for stopping by, mammas.

this post brought to you by owlet.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Alyssa! I wish I had had something like this for my first two! Love your blog:)

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment Shea! xo

  3. I'm so happy that you had a good experience with it, Krista! Thanks for your comment! Muah! xo

  4. Alyssa, would you still use this if it was your second baby?

    -Heidi M

  5. Hey Heidi- I started using the smart sock when teddy was around 4 months, and I wish so bad I would've had it when he was younger. The closer he gets to a year, the less I worry about him not being able to breathe with ease through the night. I'm 100% planning on using this for my second baby. To be able to use it from the start will be the best. Those first few weeks are rough; I'll take all the help I can get!

    Thanks for commenting! xo


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