Sunday, January 31, 2016

this year i want to:

1. learn how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. because it's something i've felt insecure about since college, and i feel like i've gotta figure it out before i turn thirty.

2. take a RAD class. i've been wanting to do this for years.
2016, we're going to make it happen!*

3. watch casablanca. because i've owned it for 10 years and it feels important. (similar to the grilled cheese situation)*

4. take teddy to the beach. because he loves bath time more than anything, and i can't wait to show him more water.

5. go on a really fancy date with gid. because we always talk about how we need to be better about dating.

6. try an ariel yoga class. because my best friend has been posting pictures of herself doing it, and it looks really exciting.*

7. go to a hot spring. because i've lived in utah and idaho for a decade and have never done it.*

8.  do something that scares me. (i already know what the thing is, i'm just afraid to make it public right now. i promise it's not as dramatic as i'm making it sound.)

9. take some modern dance classes. because i need it.*

10. try eyelash extensions.  because i'm curious and vain.

11. take a videography and photography workshop/class. because i can do better.*

one time goals, people!
*friends who want to join are welcome!!

happy sunday. xo


  1. One of my tips and secrets for perfecting the grilled cheese; you watch for the butter to melt on the top piece and then flip it over... if the pan wasn't too hot this makes it the perfect golden brown. The next secret is figuring out the timing for that other side since the butter has already melted on the other... but hey, just try the first part and see what happens!!

  2. jenni i just saw this!!! thank you for the tip!! xoxoxo


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