Saturday, January 23, 2016

weekend wishlist

last weekend we had a wedding to attend four hours away, and this weekend we're heading up for the reception 5 hours away.

and after that we're never leaving town again.

except i've been wanting to visit slc. and i just remembered we have a trip in a few months to the beach. and now i'm thinking if i stay in one place too long i'll lose my mind even if it means teddy not ever having a sleep schedule.

sigh. here are some things i've got my eye on this week, guys:

this rocking chair. because look at it! is it overkill to have two baby rockers??
(if you're in the SLC area, head over to babinskis for this beauty! i can't stop staring at it!!)

these sweet simple little bows (in case i ever get a girl...) how sweet are they?!

this cozy knit hat. because teddy's little ears get cold these days.

this quilted blanket. because i have a problem and buy every blanket i see.

these fox socks. because are you kidding me.
(also in a reddish brown!!)

these sweet shoes. because teddy has grown out of his little hiking boots and this company makes the sweetest little mocs.

i hope you guys are having a sweet weekend.
thanks so much for stopping by.

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