Wednesday, February 17, 2016

a little valentines video!

sunday was our first valentines with teddy, and i'm going to be super honest- it wasn't our moooost romantic holiday. is it just me or do sundays not scream romance with church and all? am i a bad christian? should i be extra romantic on sundays?
(on sundays i mostly want to eat potatoes and online shop..)

anyway, this valentines day we made chocolate chip cookies and took turns holding teddy and letting him bounce in his new favorite jumper.

in the past, i've taken video footage and then not made anything from it, because it's not what i had in mind, and when i looked at this footage i almost threw it out, because all i could see was the extra baby weight i haven't lost, how messy our apartment was, and how the lighting wasn't very good. but you know what? i still made a short video that's not very good or pretty to look at. (i'm lookin' at you new years resolutions!) because i think 10 years from now i'll be glad that i did. i won't care about my frumpy post church outfit, because i'll be looking at my cute baby and how tiny he used to be and what a good bouncer he was. am i right? i'm right.

 that's all. xo

ps- i should mention that the day before valentines my sweetheart of a husband got me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, chocolates, and dinner (which was extra awesome, because i spent most of the day on a panel of judges for dancers throughout idaho and utah and was exhausted.) what a romantic babe. sigh.


  1. I love the love you see in Gideon's eyes as he kisses you at the end

    1. what a sweet comment lizzy! i had to go back and watch the video after i read it. xo

  2. What a cute bouncer! Definitely you will want all that cuteness preserved forever! Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. i was so hesitant to get this bouncer, but gid insisted, and now i'm mad at myself for not getting it months ago! that thing is the only way i can take a shower without hearing cries!


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