Wednesday, February 24, 2016

at home with by george baby. (discount code inside!)

last weekend gid and i were at a mainstream baby department store, and as i walked through the aisles, i had a flood of emotions wash over me from this time last year when we first started shopping around for teddy.

one thing i specifically remember was wondering why it seemed so hard to find prints that i loved in nursery linens; particularly the boppy cover. am i alone here?! have any of you found a boppy cover you loved at a department store? (i know this is so high maintenance of me, but it drove me crazy how everything seemed to be a print of a zoo animal, or crazy bright colors in fleece.) 

since i was having a summer baby, i wanted a lightweight material with an understated print, but there was none to be found in any of the mainstream stores i'd looked around at. i turned to etsy, where i was introduced to the darling "by george baby boutique."

a shot of teddy napping on our by george baby boppy cover  (that's a mouthful...)

guys, this store became an instant fav. i found lots of prints that were chic and gender neutral (my preference), but also tasteful colorful prints that didn't remind me of a circus clown. by george baby boutique carries not only boppy covers, but also fitted crib sheets, swaddles, teething rings, burp cloths, and more.

i have to brag a second for sarah, owner of this little shop in connecticut. you guys, she makes these products, runs this shop, and has started designing her own prints for new fabrics while she goes to nursing school (working towards becoming a nursing midwife). entrepreneur goals, amiright?!

image by Carrie Waller.

i've had such a good experience with the boppy cover that i purchased from sarah- i get compliments on it on a regular basis, it washes easily, and the zipper and fit have no problems at all. it was a no brainer when the opportunity came up for us to collaborate- this shop (and it's owner) are such gems, and i'm all about promoting small businesses!

sarah is offering 15% off of any item in her shop until march 8th with the code "VERYHAPPYPEAR"

mammas, do yourselves a favor and check it out.

thanks so much for stopping by. 

i hope you have a happy hump day. xo

this post brought to you by: by george baby boutique.

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