Monday, February 15, 2016

madeline's box.

pre 6 month teddy wasn't huge into pacifiers. we used them for long car rides, and maybe if he was having a hard time falling asleep. the past few weeks, he's been a lot more interested in them, and i'm trying to figure out which ones are best for him at this stage.

we loved using these pacifiers because they're weighted (so teddy couldn't pop them out easily), and hard to lose track of with the stuffed animal attachment. these days teddy gets distracted with them and uses them as more of a toy than a soother, so we needed a change.

i did a little research on cute clips for pacifiers and had a hard time finding one that i liked. i wanted something simple and chic (teddy might not care what it looks like, but i have to stare at it too, so i better like it...) even when i worked at a little baby boutique before i had teddy i remember wondering why simple (good looking) clips were so hard to find.

madeline's box is a company i was introduced to (through the magic of instagram, ha!) and they have darling clips made of braided leather, or vintage fabric patterns. so cute, right?!

i was nervous about the transition from teddy's old pacifiers to one with a clip, but i'm loving it. he doesn't get distracted by the stuffed animal attachment during naptime, and i don't have to keep an eye on it at all times in fear of it dropping or getting lost. i also use these clips for his teethers (he likes to throw them and then is devastated when they don't boomerang back, so these clips come in handy.)

guys! right now you can get 20% off any order of $25 or more with the code veryhappypear.
(you gotta be quick, though! promo code only lasts till wednesday! (CLOSED)

we're loving this store so much right now i'm thinking we might need to do a giveaway in the near future. which color would you choose, friends? visit the madeline's box website and let me know in the comments below! xo
this post brought to you by madeline's box

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