Wednesday, February 3, 2016

seven months.

teddy had shots yesterday and he was a champion. i always have terrible anxiety beforehand and every time it's turned out okay. while we were driving home from the hospital, i thought about some of my friends whose children have had serious surgeries before they're even putting sentences together, and i felt a surge of gratefulness for teddy's health so far. life scares me sometimes.

he's seven months today. he's closer to a year than he is to a newborn.
it makes me so happy and a little sad.

he's in no hurry to crawl, (which i'm grateful for, because our home is far from baby proof) and he's not super interested in sitting unless i'm applauding him enthusiastically. i usually have him play on a blanket, which he uses to pull things closer to him. when he doesn't have his blanket he gets annoyed. ("you mean i have to scoot over to that toy? ugh, forget it.")

i miss sleep so much. i think i'd give up sugar for sleep. i'm getting dangerously close to letting him cry it out, but i worry i'd give in all the time, and the inconsistency would mess with his head. i never thought i'd be such a softie mamma. ugh.

teddy's favorite thing is his dad. he's always grunting, flexing his muscles and arching his back with an important look on his face when gid gets home, and when gid says "wow! you are so strong!" teddy smiles a charming, proud, happy smile every time. sometimes i wonder if he remembers who i am when gid is in the room.

his second favorite thing is bath time. when he sees the tub, his eyes light up and he looks at me hopefully as if to say, "is it true?!" his splashes cover the entire bath floor with water, and last night while i let his little legs soak, he laid back in my lap, sighed and put one of his hands behind his head like he was lounging on a beach chair somewhere in paradise. my heart. (hey- what are good bath toys for babies?)

people comment a lot on him being a serious baby, and i guess it's true sometimes. he loves looking out the window. he's contemplative. sometimes while he's looking out the window and thinking, he pats my leg just to make sure i know he hasn't forgotten about me. or maybe he likes the vibrations from my cellulite, i don't know- he's a baby...

the other day he nursed for 10 minutes. it was so exciting (painful). but later when he saw his bottle, he laughed adoringly and hugged it. sigh. he loves his bottles more than he loves his toys.

he has a hearty laugh, and the sweetest, most sincere cry. and he's not a faker. he cries like his heart has broken into a million pieces, and then when i hold him, he snuggles me and clutches my cheek bones until he feels happy again. when i pretend to cough he immediately smiles.

its a little dumb that i'm writing about this, but i lost my favorite swaddle, and i'm so bummed about it. i turned the apartment inside out looking for it. teddy couldn't care less, so why do i? (throws face into hands weeping)

last week at church he snored during the first meeting, growled at the lady sitting next to us during the second meeting, and screamed happily (and shrilly) during the last meeting. gid seems to think that's not a good enough reason to skip church. hashtag why did i have a kid then.

a few weeks ago i swear teddy said the word "boba." i drank enough of those in slc while i was pregnant with him for that to be his first word, it makes sense. (if not "boba" it would've been "chalupa, amiright?")

happy seven months, teddy bear.



  1. Baby Fern's first word will definitely be 'cinnamon roll' or 'sonic'. You are doing a great job with Teddy! I let June cry it out a lot, but I couldn't with Ted until about a month ago. I totally understand the dilemma about sleep. I sobbed 2 days ago when I didn't get my nap because both children refused to nap. It's a tough road. You figure it out, let me know (apart from getting a really expensive french au pair, or a tough british nanny, a little out of my price range)

    1. every time i hear you call her baby fern i poop my pants a little, libby. and the napping is so much rougher than i could've imagined..

  2. Cute! The other day we were gathered around Emily and Soren's table playing games and it suddenly got weirdly quiet. All of the sudden Aria just shouted out "Mama!" and we all turned around in shock! Haha! It was so cute. I just love babies.

  3. Baby bath toys...Autumn's favs are a wash cloth and a cup...then she puts the washcloth in the cup, and takes it back out. Then puts it back in, and takes it out again. She can do it for 30 min straight if I let her. All the other fancy toys we've bought her pale in comparison to the plastic cup and the pink washcloth.

    And I get the "invisible when dad's around" thing. She barely tolerates me looking at her when daddy gets home from school. She also refuses to say "mama" when she says kitty (and meow sounds), dada, grandpa, hi, bye, I love you, and happy. But no mama...the little snot. I think she does it on purpose.

    **Kirsten Case

    1. so cute how in love autumn is with her daddy. i'm going to try the cup and washcloth! thanks for the tip. :)


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