Thursday, March 3, 2016

8 months.

i used to think it was a little weird how new moms would get sad to see their baby get older. 
i get it now. i get it so bad.
that hair though, right? it's finally starting to grow over his bald spots in the back...

teddy is 8 months today, you guys. he's big for his age, but i try to remind myself that i'll look back on these pictures and be stunned how small he is. and he's only getting bigger from here on out, so i might as well appreciate how little he is in the moment, right?

sometimes i look at him and catch glimpses of him as a tiny baby, or glimpses of what i imagine he'll look like when he gets older.

his top five favorite things: gid (the clear winner in this category), eating (preferably breastmilk in his bottle), bathtime, exploring dangerous things, and mamma.

you read that right. i came in fifth place. whatever. i'm still honored.

he loves books, and i've started exposing him to music i hope he'll appreciate (hashtag helicopter parenting). he smiles the most when i play louis armstrong and chopin. he's classy, guys. 

he loves laying on the ground while twirling/yanking my hair, and he thinks it's hilarious when he sticks his fingers in small holes like my ears or my nostrils. i'm hoping that doesn't stick. it's a rough way to wake up.

he's my little man, and i'm crazy in love, okay? okay.

thanks for stopping by today, guys.
i hope the weekend is feeling as close to you as it's feeling to me! xo


  1. Autumn's favorites:
    Strangers in the grocery store
    Everyone else
    Me... I totally feel you girl!

  2. lol kirsten you totally get it then!! hahahahahaha!


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