Tuesday, March 15, 2016

teeth coming in, and priorities.

i just want to take a second and pat myself on the back for making it pumping for this long. it has sucked, but i don't regret it. (i'm comin' for you, year mark!)

every time i nurse teddy, i remind myself that it might be the last time and try to cherish it. i also try to remind myself that there are two sides to every story, and as much as i get sad about not exclusively breastfeeding, it would be super hard to not be able to have gideon (or literally anyone else) take a turn feeding teddy, day or night. i'm not saying one way is better than the other. i'm saying that there's always at least two sides to choices in motherhood and both are almost always hard.

last week was international women's day and i was determined to celebrate it in some sort of way, but ended up sadly spending the day eating toaster strudels, online window shopping, and wrestling my over exhausted baby down for naps.

i'm trying to make more of an effort to not let the way i look be the way i value myself. it's so easy to compare myself to beautiful, thin, perfect mothers with multiple gorgeous babies... (just to be clear, i know i've never been a crazy good looking, smokin' hot person, and i've always been cool with that.) how about i not worry about what i look like, so much as i worry about being classy and intelligent? priorities.

teddy has a tooth coming in. i do not love it. it's so rare that he cries, so this is killing me softly. tell me that this doesn't last too long, please.

i'm still debating over the same two jogging strollers. if anyone were to offer me their bob or bugaboo to test drive for 5-7 days, i would not say no.

teddy's favorite story right now (other than come along calf, because that will always be his number one) is chicka chicka boom boom. i used to read it to my kindergarteners when i student taught in high school. annnnnnndd, i just realized those kindergarteners are seniors in high school right now.

i've started laying down with teddy during his early afternoon naps, because i've learned that he sleeps twice as long when he has a warm body next to him, and that translates into a happier baby (and a happier mamma) throughout the rest of the day. today he slept for three hours straight, ya'll.

it's only tuesday, and i'm just kind of really ready for it to be the weekend. xo

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