Tuesday, April 19, 2016

5 things i didn't realize go hand in hand with teething.

1. more kisses.

the first time teddy grabbed my cheeks, pulled my face to his mouth, and sucked as hard as he could, i was sure he was mimicking kisses that i give him throughout the day. it's sweet, wet, warm, and a little disgusting. i realize now that he does it most when his gums are bothering him. i think he uses my cheeks as chew toys, guys. i'll still call it kisses though, k?

2. more sleepiness. (not necessarily to be confused with more sleep.)
i think the discomfort that comes with teething wears him out faster, because he's always resting his head on my chest, or on my shoulder, or on the ground. poor thing. you'd think that him sleeping more would make me happier, but when i know it's because he's exhausted from pain, it bums me out.

3. more snuggles.
this, i love. normally, his preference is to explore, destroy, or eat, rather than be held. the past two days he'll lay on my chest for 3-5 minutes (which may not sound that long, but it's the longest i've held him since he learned how to crawl).

4. more tears

i'm talking about me.
he whimpers in his sleep sometimes, you guys. my mamma heart can't handle it.

5. more bites.

i wish his jaws weren't so strong, and that his little teeth weren't so sharp. and i especially wish he didn't think it was hilarious when i shout "ouch" unexpectedly. least fun game ever. his favorite places to bite are my fingers, my knee (??!!), my chin, and my ear if he gets the chance.

teething is hard, guys.
tedddy's outfit (similar)


  1. Autumn would wake up screaming in the middle of the night cause she bit herself...she has since learned to take her fingers out before she fully falls asleep. For a long time she blew raspberries on any available skin, then it became 50/50 whether or not is get bitten after the raspberry. She has since gone back to just raspberries, but she also has had all her teeth since 15 months. She isn't a snuggler either...so I take it whenever I can get it!

  2. she is so big and cute, kirsten! i'm glad teddy's not the only one who isn't all about the snuggling... lol


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