Thursday, April 7, 2016

snuggling up with dockatot.

before i had teddy, i knew the first few months would be sleepless, and that the change would be horrible and exhausting and crazy hard. what i didn't know is how long it can last.

guys. i thought worst case scenario that i'd be getting up once or twice a night (HA!) until teddy was like 6 months. i had no idea that it was even possible for babies to get up 5-7 times a night regularly.

it was a roller coaster; one night teddy would sleep 7 hours, (celebrations!!) and then the very next night he'd be up every 1.5 hours. on the hardest night, i remember staying awake until 5:30 in the morning, and when gideon realized i was in the living room and took over for me, i sobbed deliriously until i passed out in our bed. it might sound dramatic, but fatigue is no joke. i was a completely different person.

dockatot is a sleep system made for ages 0-36 months. it's a multi-functional dock that is easily transportable, and can be used for resting, playing, changing diapers, snuggling, and anything else you have in mind for your little one. what makes dockatot special is how rigorously it's been tested for safety. the technology they use makes it 100% breathable, and each docking system is hand-cut, hand-stitched, and hand-sewed in europe for quality assurance.

dockatot is offered in two sizes (teddy fell into the bigger category, so we've had the grand in our home the past several weeks) and helps especially with co-sleeping, transitioning your baby from a crib to a toddler bed, and, my favorite, sleeping through the night.

when our dock was sent to us, i was super excited and a little nervous, because teddy had just started teething, (which meant getting up much more frequently throughout the night) and i wondered if it was an unfair time for us to be testing out the product.

gid and i were both surprised at how well teddy did after just one night sleeping in the dock. the night before we used it, he'd gotten up four times. during his first night in the dockatot, he got up once. he sleeps harder in it during his daytime naps, and enjoys lounging in it while he has a bottle, or while we read stories. he's started to put his arm around the side dock when he's drifting off to sleep like he's hugging it, which is the sweetest, and makes me want to hug it. the side dock makes a great pillow for me when i'm taking a nap next to him during the day. i wish so badly that we had the smaller size when he was a newborn. if you are a co-sleeping mamma, this thing is rad.

another thing that i've gotta give them bonus points for is the quality of the material. teddy spit up some pears less than a week after we got our dock, (serious mamma tears) and they not only washed out of the cover easily, but the fabric still looked fresh! i hate washing things for the first time, because they seem to lose their newness, but i was way impressed with how well this thing took pear throw up and a wash/dry cycle. slow clap, dockatot. slow clap.

(ps- they also have crazy cute covers here. i'm thinking about buying the coral print- which one would you get???)

can i also just point out that i managed to take pictures of teddy sleeping in this thing during the afternoon in broad daylight?? my baby likes to sleep exclusively in the dark, people! there is no way he would have done this anywhere else.

i leapt at the opportunity to partner with dockatot, because seriously any product that is meant to help my baby with sleep is my best friend. this particular sleep system has been a great fit in our family, and i'm already making plans to purchase the smaller size for our next baby. for me, it's become essential. one of those things i didn't realize i needed, but now that i have it, i could never go back. if i had a million dollars, i'd buy it for all of my friends who are expecting. i love it, and if they made one in my size i would buy it right now.

here's a little video of us using dockatot throughout a typical day!

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thanks for stopping by today, guys.
i hope you have an awesome thursday. xo

this post brought to you by dockatot

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