Thursday, May 12, 2016

brave little lungs.

i've been staring at a blank screen for 5 minutes because i'm not sure how to write this post.

my friend is sick.

not "sleep it off" sick, or "maybe you should get that looked at" sick, or even "here's some medication for you to faithfully take for the rest of your life and you'll be fine" sick.

she's sick. she's lung transplant sick. she's terminal illness sick.

mackenzie is the kindest, most charming, most hilarious person i know. she's the sort of person who makes you laugh so hard you pee a little. the type of person who you can ugly cry in front of and not be embarrassed. the girl you trust with secrets. the friend who makes you laugh after a hard day; the person who you open your arms to, always, no matter what, because she's always been there for you with open arms and no questions asked.

2 weeks after i had teddy, and gid had to leave on business for a few days mackenzie slept over at my apartment and helped me with my newborn. she held him so i could shower. she helped me change his diapers because my incision made it hard to bend over. she made me laugh hard for the first time since i'd come home from the hospital. she made the dark moments lighter.

i wish i could write her justice.
i wish i could explain to you through words typed exactly how extraordinary she is.

at the beginning of this month gid and i went down to utah to visit mackenzie and her husband henry, and also to make a fundraising video for them. (because as it turns out, lung transplants are the opposite of cheap...) i've agonized over editing the details; wanting so badly to do this couple justice, but i've realized it's impossible to capture the lengths of their goodness, their wit, and their charm.

i hope you watch it.
i hope you donate.
i hope you share her story.

my friend is sick. and she needs us to help her.
please. let's help.

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