Friday, May 13, 2016

dear teddy,

i'm not an early bird mama. so we're extra lucky to have your dad- who wakes up with the sun, and quietly takes you out of our room as soon as you've gotten up, so the two of you can play upstairs in the soft morning light, and i can catch up on extra luxurious, bed-to-myself sleep. 

i can tell by your excited giggles and shrieks that you love this one on one time with gid. i can tell he's your favorite person on the face of the planet. i get it. he's pretty great.

and this morning, when i couldn't fall back asleep, i decided to sneak up to your play spot and snap a few pictures so we remember your morning father-son ritual. so we remember your fuzzy sleep hair, and the way your eyes catch morning light.

i'm trying to be better about being a morning mama. but for now, you and papa bear keep having a ball while i sleep in, k?

1 comment:

  1. We have the same setup in our house! I figure if I'm going to be with the baby all day, I need all the energy I can get so I can keep up with him throughout the day! It is such a blessing to have a hubby who understands that! You guys make a perfect little family!


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