Monday, May 16, 2016

life is good, some utah drivers are bad.

at the beginning of this month while we were visiting henry and mackenzie in utah, gid and i (and teddy) almost got into a crazy car accident. we were on the freeway, cars all around us going 70+ mph, and a red truck who didn't see us (or bother to look) started to merge into our lane without using his blinker. to avoid getting hit, i had no choice but to swerve, and the next thing i knew, i'd lost control of the car, and we were spinning through 3 highway lanes in the mid morning traffic.

it was horrifying. i'd never been in a situation like this, and i remember wondering how long it would take for us to get hit, how badly we'd be injured, worrying about the safety of the other people driving around us, and desperately hoping teddy was strapped in his seat snug enough.

miraculously, we ended up on the side of the road unscathed. the car wasn't hit. no airbags deployed. no one else had an accident as a result of our near miss. we were totally fine.

teddy was cooing in his carseat (i whined about the spacey look of it for a few months, but now i'm super glad we bought the expensive safe one...) and i was grasping the wheel with shaken white knuckles as gid calmly told me that i could let go, and it was over, and we were fine. i could hear henry talking to 911 dispatchers in the background saying something about how they didn't need to send anyone after all.

i have no idea how we managed to not get hit. we had to have had help.

and if you were on the highway that morning, and managed to hit your breaks before there was a collision, i'm so grateful to you. i'm so grateful that you were keeping your eyes on the road.

and if you are thinking about maybe not putting your seatbelt on the next time you take a trip to the market, would you just do it anyway? i don't want you to get hurt because of something that was completely out of your hands.

and make sure your baby's carseat is properly installed, okay? even if you're not going far.

and if you were the person driving the red truck, i'm sure you're not a horrible person.
but use your damn blinker, and look before you change lanes, because you seriously almost killed my little family.

happy monday.

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  1. I feel you. I nearly get killed every time I visit that state, and I drive really defensively. Glad you and your people are safe.


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