Friday, June 24, 2016

in love with lorena canals

having a baby has really made us re-evaluate the washability of the things we purchase. when i see something with a tag that says dry clean only, a little part of me wilts inside.

people warned us about this, and like a true idiot, i chose not to believe them. "you don't understand," i'd silently think in my head. "my baby will be cleaner than average." to my defense, i'm married to a man who is the cleanest person i know, so i get why i thought teddy would never make a mess.

* did i ever tell you guys about the time we were on tour in college and when we were staying in a hotel, gideon's roommate legitimately thought that the maid service had come in and cleaned the room while he was sleeping? (it wasn't maids. it was gid. lol.)

anyway, i thought teddy would be uber clean, and while all the other mammas talked about things like blowouts, i'd be teaching him how to correctly fold fitted sheets.

there's nothin' like thrown up sweet potato, and yellow baby crap everywhere to bring you back down to earth. babies are messy. they throw up, blow out, and manage to scatter anything everywhere. washability is a big deal.

when i heard about lorena canals, a company based in europe who makes machine washable rugs and cushions, i remember wondering why someone hadn't thought of this sooner, and thinking they were going to make a fortune from mamas like me who need everything to be easy to clean.

lorena canals offers various sized rugs in many different colors and shapes. we chose to get the galetta gray with a white star cushion, and we've loved having them in our home.

(i also love their world map one here, their british flag one here, and this one that looks like it has lace edges.)
lorena canals also has the most incredible black and white home collection coming to the states in a few weeks. are you swooning yet???? i'm swooning.

anyway, teddy has spilled everything from baby food, to crackers, to (ahem) pee, on our rug, and it's been so nice to know that i'm only one easy machine wash from having it in perfect condition again.

here's a peek of a day in our lives with lorena canals:(with the help of my sweet friend libby and her cute babies)

take a peek at their website, guys. you won't regret it!

this post brought to you by lorena canals.

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  1. That is cool! I like the world map rug best. And the stars. The linen on linen is nice.


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