Saturday, June 11, 2016

vacation. or, i understand now why people don't take their kids on trips.

waving with his big toe!

i didn't realize how different summer vacations would be with a baby. i thought you do all the same things you normally do, only now you have a happy, smiling baby on your hip while you're doing them.

oh, pre-teddy alyssa. you naive little flower blossom.

we've been staying inside a lot more than i thought we would, because as it turns out, teddy still needs naps in hawaii. he got sick yesterday, and i've never been so grateful for baby tylenol in my life. also- he's still on boise time. he's up and ready to go at 3:30am every morning. vacation. (i mean, it's still nice here, obviously..)

anyway, i'm just saying i get why my friends with kids don't always bring them.

we took these pictures at 5 in the morning. the early morning is the time teddy is the happiest here. he loves the sand, and he's giddy when the ocean water touches his little legs, which is so sweet.

if i didn't have gideon; a dedicated early bird, i think i'd cry myself awake every morning. i am so so tired in these pictures, but i think when i look at them, i'll only remember how happy teddy was, and how fun his first visit to the ocean was.

i miss how we used to vacation; not worrying about naps, or meals, or waking up a snoring little baby bear. seeing teddy in swim trunks makes it worth it, though. most of the time.

i hope you have a good sunday.

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