Monday, August 8, 2016

almost a post.

hey. i haven't written in over a week. you probably didn't notice, but i did. 

i try to write every few days, but the past month, i've been feeling too connected to social media, and not connected enough to my real life, so i decided to step away from writing and posting for a day or two, and that turned into a solid eight days. (in case you were wondering, i still sucked at cleaning and cooking.) i have no idea how real bloggers can do this multiple times a day and juggle regular life.

i started binge watching lost which was a horrible idea. it was a crazy popular show in college that i never got into, but my roommates would talk about nonstop. i know i'm over 10 years late, but i have strong feelings about this show, you guys. (like, for starters- wth, freaky island??! michael- don't talk to me- i'm mad at you; especially for killing libby. hurley, you funny, and you would be my best friend on the island. hey john- don't trust you. never have, never will. BEN! i knew you were bad news, crazy eyes!! sawyer- you're a jerk, but the nicknames you give everyone make it worth it. and if jin is really dead i am so so so mad.) 

i have two seasons left, and i don't want to finish, but i kinda have to.

i know i usually write more, but that's all i have in me for now, you guys. (or maybe you like this mini post better than the ones where i ramble on and on! ha.)

but hey! keep your eyes open for two super rad giveaways coming up. (praise hands emoticon.)

ps- i had to call my pediatrician and poison control today and it's not even noon.
this is not my favorite monday.

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