Wednesday, September 28, 2016


i lost him 2 weeks ago for the first time. (#unfitparent) in the middle of church, a friend of mine asked if she could borrow a wipe, and in the time it took me to reach over, grab the case from my diaper bag, and hand it to her, teddy had managed to slip past both my friend and i without notice. i had no idea where he was for maybe 15 seconds, and even though i never got truly worried, it was a sobering reminder of how quickly he could disappear. he'd taken a stroll down the hall, following the sound of gideon's laugh. (those of you who know gid know what a recognizable laugh he has- it's deep and hearty. teddy knew just where to go to find him.) ps- anyone bought those squeaky shoes to keep track of where your baby is? i'm in the market...

we bought a kitchen table small enough to fit in our little home. i love it so much. we painted the trim a few days ago, and this week we're finishing the walls, which is making me glow. i was showing my grandma pictures from our remodel and she told me with a soft smile that our home reminded her of the house she grew up in, which made me so so happy for some reason.

in preparation for our move, i decided to purge my closet of things i don't wear anymore and discovered that since teddy's birth (14 months ago) i've only purchased four dresses and two tops. you guys, that's nutsit made me realize how little i need.

i'm starting to accept that he's becoming more a little boy than he is a baby. his hair is lightening and beginning to curl. his voice is gaining clarity, and his little laughs are the highlight of my day. i love being able to play with him more directly. i love tickling him, growling back and forth with him, and throwing balls back and forth to each other. (which reminds me- don't forget about the giveaway in the last post!)

we watched the debate a few nights ago, and it just left me feeling really uneasy and scared about the upcoming election. how did we get here?

is it too early to be buying christmas pajamas for your baby? cuz i'm buyin' all of them this week. how many pairs of pjs are too much for a 14 month old?

teaching is still stressing me out. if i could just get through today, that'd be greaattttt.

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