Friday, January 13, 2017

naptime with ComfortCam (with a VIDEO!)

when we moved, a lot of things changed. we went from beige apartment carpet to creaky hardwood floors. we went from a third floor walk up surrounded by trees, to a single level surrounded by bright snow (at least for now). we went from sharing a bedroom with teddy to having our own space.

maybe i'll feel different with my next, but i loooovvveedd sharing a room with my infant. i loved it. i felt like i was more informed on how my baby was doing, and because the room had so much space, and also because teddy was an incredibly low maintenance baby for the most part, it really didn't feel like an inconvenience the way i imagined it would. i remember being able to sit up in bed only a few inches and being able to see his tiny belly moving up and down gently, and feeling at ease that he was fine.

after moving into our little white house, we let teddy sleep with us for a few nights, and then transition into sleeping in his crib (in his own room across the hall) by himself. every time i heard a noise either gid or i had to jump out of bed to be sure he was okay. there's a large window in his room; did we lock it? is it too cold? too hot? maybe there's something that's making a weird shadow or noise and it's scaring him? it drove me crazy.

nap time was almost worse, because the floors near our bedrooms are creaky (charming during normal hours, and annoying during naptime) and sometimes when i'd tiptoe to see if teddy was awake, i'd find him sleeping peacefully, and then would accidentally wake him up with the creaky floors on my way out. (mamma tip- don't let your infant get used to absolute silence when they sleep. creaky floors will be your undoing. i've been un-training him and it's made such a big difference.)

i shied away from baby camera monitors after reading horror stories about hackers getting into them and doing all sorts of creepy stuff. the world can be scary, and i'd rather wake up my baby with creaky floors than possibly have some digital peeping tom looking into my house, right?

guys, this image is in full color.
it made me realize how very very
 white our kitchen countertops are.

ComfortCam is a smart, wifi baby monitor that allows parents the capability to view their children at anytime from anywhere in the world. best part? the VERY best part?? they're "cloud free", meaning none of the media/images/videos are stored on any sort of server out in cyber space where they can be viewed and saved from an outside source. it's totally secure and private.

when the ComfortCam team reached out to me and asked if i was interested in trying out their smart monitor, i was thrilled just to avoid the creaky floor waking situation. you guys, 3 days after using it, i was hooked. the camera is easy to set up and connect to your phone (took me less than 10 minutes, and i'm a moron when it comes to this kind of thing.)

the application that you download onto your phone or ipad is easy to maneuver around, and the camera itself has infrared lights (for hd night vision), can pan, tilt, and zoom (no way for teddy to hide from me), duel speakers, and an ultra sensitive microphone (so i can hear him, or even talk to him if i want to).

biggest deal for me? the camera streams directly to my phone or ipad and not to some cloud. i can take snapshots, or record funny things teddy does (the other day he was doing mountain climbers in bed, and gid and i were watching on the ipad and trying so hard not to laugh too loudly in the room nextdoor). when we first started using the camera, i'd keep my phone on my nightstand and in the middle of the night, i loved being able to check in on him when i heard little noises to be sure he was okay. over the past several weeks, using the camera has made me feel more confident that teddy's fine in his own room.

sometimes he stares down the camera so hard. funny boy.

do you like how awesome i look in this picture?
i mean, super flattering, right? (ha.)

people, this is a product that we've loved having in our home,
and i'm grateful for the peace of mind it's given me.

here's a short video giving you a sneak peek of ComfortCam in our home:

thanks so much for such a great product, ComfortCam!

i hope you're having such a good friday.
happy weekend!

this post brought to you by ComfortCam

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